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The Best and engaging Summer Camp for Toddlers at Folsom Lake Montessori

Young children should always be given a chance to work during summer so that they can discover, learn and develop in a constructive and positive manner in a way that they would not otherwise experience in school. If you are searching for an outstanding summer camp for your toddler or pre-schooler, you may want to consider Folsom Lake Montessori as they provide one of the best camps which would help your child to become more creative, continually inquire, and establish confidence in life.

Why Choose Folsom Lake Montessori for Summer Camp?

Montessori Philosophy

What we at Folsom Lake Montessori practice is the Montessori approach to learning, as children determine their learning activities on their own in a protected environment. This approach is incorporated in our summer camp through encouraging the children to follow their own interest in activities undertaken without much forced coercion but in return, encourage the spirit of learning.

Experienced and Caring Staf

A group of creative teachers and child care givers, committed to works directly with children according to age and Montessori guidelines. They are also dedicated in ensuring they avail a safe and stimulating atmosphere to enable your child to grow.

Diverse and Enriching Activities

The early childhood education program at Folsom Lake Montessori encompasses summer camp where kids enjoy the wide range of activities that help them to develop the skills they need depending on their age and needs. These includes

Arts and Crafts

Painting, drawing craft and encouraging talents to enhance their skills with the help of artistic creativity.

Outdoor Play

Enhancing physical development besides unfair and having them develop an appreciation for nature by engaging in outdoor games/activities.

Music and Movement

Using music and songs to focus on more consistently coordinated movements and rhythms.

Stem Activities

This can be achieved through raising children’s awareness of basic science, technology, engineering, and math concepts, or through the use of educational toys and building games.

Cultural Exploration

Explaining to children about how people from other parts of the world live, dance and sing so that they appreciate the rest of the world.

Safe and Stimulating Environment

Primarily, let’s name some of the general priorities that should be observed in this process, and the first one is safety. The centres are created to ensure that young children have the opportunity to have fun and interact safely. In line with this, we do not overcrowd our institutions with children to ensure each is given adequate attention by the teacher.

Flexible Scheduling

It is important for families to be aware that at some point during the semester, they may be asked to select a specific time slot different from their usual regular time on a certain day of the week. We have flex-time drop-offs and pickups, and various available schedules your child may attend the camp full day, half day + care.

Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Summer Camp at Folsom Lake Montessori

Social Skills Development

It is for this reason that our summer camp is especially relevant for children in order for them to engage in and thus foster interpersonal relationships, friendship, and social skills.

School Readiness

Our summer camp for pre-schoolers also prepare youngsters for the academic year, as they transition to a different setting and carry on with their learning process.

Confidence Building

Though games and other tasks that children are involved in, they establish their self-esteem that will enable them to do well in school and in other future endeavours.

Lifelong Love for Learning

Through our summer camp, every child who comes to our camp carries out their learning activities with a lot of joy; this makes each child develop an appreciation for learning that may last a lifetime.

Enrol Your Child Today!

Enrol your child with the chance to experience a uniquely wonderful and educational summer at Folsom Lake Montessori. Our summer camp for toddlers and pre-schoolers is focused to provoke and stimulate the imagination of young learners, while instilling technique for a fruitful summer season. Therefore, it is our pleasure at Folsom Lake Montessori to offer summer camps to your child, knowing that you are preparing him/her for the future by arming him/her with tools he/she will need in the future. Welcome to our Summer, let the summer be filled with out expedition, imagination and fun.

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