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Unlocking Summer Adventures: Dive into Folsom Lake Montessori’s Vibrant Program

In this scorching heat of summer, sweltering heat of summer, young learners are set to sharpen their minds at Folsom Lake Montessori in California. We are indeed honoured to announce the alluring summer program scheduled to be held in our great institution from June 3rd to August 2nd, 2024 with a primary aim of sparking curiosity and enhancing creativity and character growth.
An Insight about Our Program It is the policy of Folsom Lake Montessori to ensure the children of our school have engaged summer with academic learning and social recreational activities. Here’s a glimpse of what our summer session entails:
  • Montessori Work Periods: Every day has Montessori work cycle lasting a number of hours
    where children exercise their learning and development and freedom of choice through
    manipulating materials. Such periods form the basis of forging ones own paths as well as
    develop critical analysis skills in students.
  • Academic Enrichment: Along with Montessori work, the child will spend half an hour of
    reading and in advanced math worksheets. In doing so, it becomes possible to integrate
    activities that seek to foster literacy, numeracy and problem-solving abilities among learners
    in an environment that is familiar and friendly.
  • Field Trips: It can therefore be said that, in our view, it is crucial to attend to all of these
    aspects of learners to foster effective experiential learning that will facilitate development.
    Our summer activities also consist of fun educational outings that help children learn new
    things about subjects of interest and to be curious about the surroundings.
  • Science Experiments: From dissecting the human body to discovering all creatures great and
    small in our imaginative aquatic environment, our science experiments inspire. The fouryear-olds engage in an educational process during which they can make different hypotheses
    and conclusions as a preparation for future experiments and research
  • Spanish and Karate: To introduce an element of diversity in the learning, we have two
    activities that occur every Monday and Friday; These are Spanish and Karate classes. These
    classes are important in assisting in mastering of language and physical development and
    characteristics of the cultural impression on children’s discipline.
  • Thematic Weeks: Thus, each week of our summer program is devoted to some topics that
    allow children to gain knowledge in different subjects and enjoy the learning process.
    Starting right from the basic “All About Me” and ending with dazzling “Zoo Animals,” all the
    themes are selected with utmost care in order to provide interesting learning materials to
  • Nutritious Meals: As our children’s caregivers and educators, we appreciate the role good
    food plays in the nurture and growth of our children. That is why we offer hot meals for
    breakfast, mid-morning snacks, and mid-morning snacks for students to help them in staying
    full everything all through the day.

A Closer Look at Our Weekly Themes Let’s take a closer look at some of the exciting themes and activities awaiting our young adventurers:

Stages of Development :

  • Week 1: Children’s Day Our students once again, celebrate children of the world through
    cultural dance, art making, and our educational trip to the Children’s Museum
  • Week 2: Puppet Palooza Welcome to the wow topics which children are going to discover at
    Puppet Palooza, making and using sock puppets, making simple cartoons using puppets,
    putting on a puppet show with the characters from children’s books, and even puppet show
    with characters from fairy tales.
  • Week 3: Flip into the sea This month lets start our travel into some of the ocean biomes as
    well get to know more about the marine animals and also let the kids make their own oceans
    in egg carton. July: These are the July activities I have found that Spanning from crafting the
    flags or rainforests and unleashing the creativity by art or by discovering the different types
    of landforms, July is a very busy and full of fun month.
  • Week of July 29th – August 2nd: Discovering the Zoo Animals As we come to the end of
    summer holiday week, it becomes our turn to study zoo animals. Changes from creating
    handprint peacocks to studying animal patterns as well as exploring Folsom Zoo, it is a fun
    week of observing furry and feathered friends.
  • Coming Soon:
    An Exciting Summer at Folsom Lake Montessori is geared up to offering an invigorating
    camp for all the children. Welcome to this modern world of exploration and discovery – a
    world of dreams and dreams come true. As a team, let us enhance the beauty of this coming
    summer season

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