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Get the Best for Your Baby at Folsom CA’s Day Care

Known for the individual care and attention, our foremost emphasis at Folsom Lake is to ensure the safety of your inquisitive infant happy at discovering the environmental elements to learn them. The care giving is in the most responsible and apt learning environment. The care giver or the teacher is always there providing warmth and safety in a learning atmosphere catering to each one of the infants in the infant care. The day care at Folsom CA inculcates constant interactions between the care givers and infants to derive the best cognitive and motor skills in infants in between the ages of 8 weeks and 2 years. It’s time to wind up the worrisome thoughts about your baby when you leave for work as we become the best care givers to nurture your kid with a love for schooling.

The schedule depends upon the unique developmental phase of each infant and is customized. The skilled teachers accomplish the goals of each infant by building an affirmative bond catering to each child’s needs individually.

Folsom Lakes’s Approach Towards Infants:

  • Friendly and cooperative rapport with every child and family
  • Imparting trust and sense of security in infants and toddlers
  • Conversing, playing, reading and singing to infants regularly
  • Responsive care giving in a gentle and soothing manner to infants’ when they signal while in distress
  • Food and comfort needs of the kids are taken care with constant monitoring and responsiveness
  • Executing customized feeding plans for infants as individual eating styles and preferences are held in high regards
  • Replicate family style meal, manners, models and proper nutrition
  • Infants personal hygiene needs are prioritized especially in routines such as diaper changing, feeding, cleaning, changing wet or soiled clothes
  • Child’s curiosity and inquisitiveness are held in high regards
  • Respect and regard cultural diversity

The fundamentals of curriculum requires regular interactions in between the infants and their care givers and the infant room’s day to day activities are planned to support and derive fine motor and cognitive skills for each child. On top of it, the infant programs are age appropriate experiences related to art music, reading and movement.

Daily Activities at Folsom Lake:

The care givers interact with the infants when the babies are awake by singing, talking, playing and reading on the basis of the baby’s schedule and growth patterns. The babies are fed, put to bed as and when they are hungry and are tired. Infants will be changed on regular intervals or when they require it.

Activities for Infants below one year:

Rhymes and songs, language development, exercise stimulation, play time includes indoor play and outdoor play depending on the weather conditions, fun activities to inculcate love for the school etc are the daily activities to keep the tiny souls engaged at the day care at Folsom CA.

Published on: 2 January 2017

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