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Give the Best Care for Your Child in His Early Childhood at Preschools in Folsom CA

Every parent would want the best possible care for their off spring in their growing years. On the other hand, managing finances of a family being a working professional is crucial too to for the well being of the child. In this turbulence, responsive care giving may not be always possible due to lack of time and chaotic work pressures. However, early childhood is the most crucial period where children can develop many motor and cognitive skills, computing as well as analytical abilities for their life time. If proper teaching and learning are not provided, the children may still learn but at a deprived state. They may not have the zeal of learning for their life time as the intrigue and inquisitiveness for learning is not confined to a particular day or a period but is for a life time. But we are sure to convey this passion for learning at our preschool in Folsom CA.

We at FLMA try to reap a multifold harvest from the parents’ vulnerable situation of leaving their kids at a day care by nurturing them with all the adulation and care in the child’s infancy as well as teaching them with utmost responsiveness to imbibe the love of learning. We have different skill sets for different age groups, however, these are flexible and depend on the kids’ status and are the most customized in a way. Infant care, toddlers, pre-K, kindergarten are the four generic divisions to understand the child’s requirements of learning basing on the age of children. But we equally understand that there are many kids who cannot just fall in any of these segments.

Infants are given ample rest and comfort with extreme cleanliness in diaper changing, feeding, dealing with soiled clothes etc. Diverse interactive sessions are held by skilled teachers and care givers with a variety of training programs exclusively designed for them approved by the International Montessori council. The infants are provided with medical care catering to their vulnerable health in growing years. Environment is enthusiastic in a way that the child is happy and energized at home too.

Toddlers and Pre-K programs are designed to help kids in understanding the practical life. This may even include daily activities such as tying their shoes, putting on coats, preparing their drinks and snacks, going to bathroom independently, not to spill things and clean up spilled things etc. polishing shoes, buttoning a shirt, sweeping etc are tasks for the next level. Such activities may be of a huge importance from a child’s perspective which involves caring for themselves, others and the environment as well. These activities help the child elevate his/her attention period by concentrating and improve the brain/hand vision coordination.

It can be taken for granted that the child is in utmost safe hands and gets proper care giving, rest and clean dealing in the regular change intervals and at the same time taught meaningful tasks of life to be independent in a Montessori way at our preschool in Folsom CA.

Published on: 18 March 2019

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