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How to Manage Bedtimes Power Struggle?

A kid’s bedtime should be a good relieving break from a tiring and hectic day, but many parents face a kind of battle with their child who is not ready to go to the bed. Bedtime power struggles often surface among children of around 2 or 3 years old due to several reasons.

Separation fear

A child may not be ready to go to his bed due to the fear of nighttime parting from his parents. This issue can only be resolved by practice with time. However, you should make sure the kid is getting lots of love in form of hugs and reassurances in his waking times and promote his attachment with a safety object like teddy bear or his favorite toy to aid him deal with separation from you.


Some children do not wish to miss out on anything happening in their enthralling situation thus they avoid sleep. Although often parents do not wish to smother their kids’ curiosity, they have to ensure them that some specific times in night are grown-up periods. In addition, you should also avoid making a needless demonstration of anything fascinating you’re scheduling for after his time for bed.

Darkness fear

Often children have fear from the darkness during their sleep time in their bedroom. In case your little one also has the same problem, you should use a night bulb in his bedroom so that light is there and he can sleep well. Also, you should decorate your child’s room with creativity so that he looks forward to going to the bed. This is one of the best ways of child care to overcome their fear.

Inapt associations

Some kids do not follow a good bedtime routine as they have already developed the habit of including sleep with other actions. They prefer watching their favorite cartoon on TV and like to sleep on the sofa while enjoying their show, gradually this becomes a set bedtime routine for him. Regrettably, these bedtime traditions are hard to break and cause several sleep complications after sometimes. If your kid is not interested in improving the routine to a scheduled and natural way of sleep, be ready to face some problematic nights in advance.

A troubled schedule

If your child’s bedtime routine is not regular and goes to bed at 8 pm sometimes and 10 pm the next night, he may not be set to sleep when you are prepared to put him on sleep for the night. Once he gets off timetable, you have to work steadily for three or four days to get him back on his normal bedtime.


Storytelling is a great way of getting your kids interested in bedtime. Also, for some children reading books is a distinctive fragment of their bedtime routine, however, you need to use a more creative way to help them follow their routine regularly. You should involve them by giving them a role in the story. Of course, each child wants to be a hero or heroine of the story. An interesting story can make them sleep well.

Published on: 23 June 2018

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