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Top 7 Montessori School in El Dorado Hills

Montessori schools follow the Montessori style of education. A lady called Maria Montessori first developed it, and she designed it in the hopes of encouraging a holistic approach to learning. Montessori in Sacramento is a popular style of education, and it is followed in other parts of the world as well. It has been a prominent style of education for a long time now, approximately a century. There are many Montessori schools in El Dorado Hills that are worth our attention. Some of the top Montessori Sacramento schools are listed below:-

1.Bergamo Montessori at Serrano

Established approximately 40 years back, Bergamo has secured a reputation of being one of the most sought after schools that follow the Montessori style of education. In this establishment in El Dorado Hills, Montessori education is provided with rigorous practice and is of stellar quality as well.

2.Folsom Lake Montessori Academy

Folsom Lake stands out from all the Montessori Sacramento educational institutes. This is because Folsom Lake truly delivers when it comes to a good education. They take many diverse students and ensure a different, broad-minded environment for exposure. They also conduct co-curricular with particular focus on arts, martial arts, yoga, movement art, music, and dance.

They have enhanced technology and state-of-the-art materials for technological exposure of the students that join this El Dorado Hills, Montessori styles educational institution.

3.Montessori Manor

Montessori Manor follows the principles of Montessori education. Their philosophy follows the perspective that all children are sacred and that the aim of any educator should be to teach the desire to learn in their students. They focus on keeping the thirst for knowledge alive. Students in the Montessori Manor are allowed to pick their fields of interest and perform on projects in those fields. One of the main reasons to choose Montessori Manor is that they strive for the self-fulfilment of the students.

4.Madrone Montessori School

Madrone Montessori School is unmissable when talking about Montessori in Sacramento. Their motto is to have fun with education such as jumping in puddles while doing the math, learning yoga, learning how to recycle, etc.

5.Rising Sun Montessori

Rising Sun Montessori strives to embrace diversity in the field of education. It is filled with students from all around the world. No child is left behind, irrespective of the pace at which they learn. Students are encouraged to learn without pressure.

6.Sundance Montessori

Sundance Montessori tries to inculcate the habit of undertaking responsibility and understanding accountability. These are all excellent qualities that need to be instilled in children at a very young age. Self-motivation is an essential element at Sundance and students make their own choices, for which they are held accountable.

7.Cameron Park Montessori

El Dorado Hills Montessori boasts of excellent institutes like Cameron Park Montessori. They take students from pre-school to kindergarten. They schedule regular field trips that are inexpensive and fun to make. Admission time is hectic as many parents wish to get their kids enrolled in Cameron Park Montessori.

These are the top 7 schools that follow the Montessori style of education, and any of them would be a great choice.

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