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Montessori or Daycare – Which one would you prefer?

If your little one is happy at the day care center, you might not be thinking of admission to the preschool. Parents want their kids to start classroom debut however in reality both of them operate under the same rules. Day care centers not only provide care but also ensure all round development of the children. For instance, some of them use learning activity modules to train the kids for kindergarten. In addition, the cost is also the same as the preschool but there are certain differences, mentioned as follows:


Montessori running preschool has shorter daily hours and it remains closed on holidays, week long breaks and during summer month. While searching for the preschool options, you may have to choose between the half day or full day programs. Day care centers are probably more flexible as far the hours are concerned. They start early and close late during the evening to synchronize with the timings of the working parents. Some day care centers customize the schedule of the children according to the requirements of their parents.


  • Kids ranging from infant to a day scholar can get admission to the day care center. It means that the young ones will not only have an opportunity to befriend the elders but also play with the babies.
  • The opportunity is a huge bonus if you are planning to have second child. Grown up kids get a simulated environment where they enjoy the moment with the younger lot.
  • Preschools do not admit children unless they are more than 2 or 5 years old.
  • Separate class rooms are available to the students across the age groups. In short, the teaching environment is more methodical as compared to the day care centre.
  • The only time children can mingle is at the swings located in the play ground.

Other requirements

You can get the kid admitted in diapers to the day care centers while in preschool the child should be potty trained.


Teaching staff at the preschool is more trained as compared to the day care centers because their objectives are different. Some states have pretty higher standards for the teachers as they are expected to be more qualified and experienced.

Majority of Preschools get subsidies from the government while the day care centers are private enterprises. In fact, preschool can be a part of day care but the reverse is not true.

What is right for the kids?

If you are in a dilemma to choose between the day care and preschool, it is wise to visit the school and analyze the infrastructure in detail. You should talk to the teachers or consult the day care to gain valuable insight in to the daily routines. Generally clean, well equipped facilities and round the clock attention of teacher is necessary. Friendly and knowledgeable staff is the perquisite for any educational institution to attract children. You can use the above mentioned parameters to zero in on the suitable choices.

Published on: 3 April 2018

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