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Offerings by Montessori Sacramento Preschool for Infant Daycare

Montessori Sacramento preschool offers child services from a toddler or infant to playschools and summer schools as well. Located in Folsom, California; Montessori Sacramento Preschool offers multiple programs depending upon the necessary care and learning that children of certain age groups require. An overall development of an individual is the doctrine the preschool operates on. The curriculum includes all of the subjects including maths and science realising the need for these subjects in their day to day life.

As said above, Montessori Sacramento Preschool works on the principle of overall development of an individual, and the preschool understands that every child might have a different need and the preschool takes care of all the needs and wants individually. This generates a sense of comfort and security among the mind of the kids. The faculty ensures that each topic being taught is thoroughly understood by the children. Creating a sense of happiness and joy in learning is how the school operates. Montessori Sacramento Preschool has been using the Montessori Compass to ensure classroom, parent and school management. This helps the parents to keep a steady and regular check on their children as well. The preschool regularly hosts external events such as sightseeing and Field trips every once in a while. The preschool makes sure to have at least four field trips every year.

Montessori Sacramento preschool provides programs for different age groups such as infants, toddlers, and so on. The programs provided by the preschool are mentioned below:

  • Infant daycare program (8 weeks to 24 months): This age group demands individual care and attention and the faculty is specialized in provide such attention. The efficient faculty helps generate a feeling of secureness and comfort within the mind of the infant which in turn helps the faculty in doing the tasks and works required with ease.
  • Toddler Program (2 to 3 years): As recognized by Dr Maria Montessori, there are few years in the life of a child that are important for a child’s overall growth and personality development. The toddler years are an important stage in one’s life where a child gets a spark on what and how he wants to walk forward in his life. The specialised curriculum of the program helps to nurture the curiosity and sensory development of a child. Language and social norms are taken care of within the program.
  • Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten program: Montessori Sacramento preschool’s kindergarten program aims at providing a child with crucial knowledge about the practical life, sensorial, math, language and culture. Thee sensorial activities make a child aware and conscious about the environment, and here students learn to differentiate between colours, shape, sizes, texture and composition of objects. The FLMA program provides the kids with a friendly environment where they are encouraged to express their feelings and needs to the faculty. Apart from all the mental and physical aspects of the child, the program also focuses on academic areas such as language, arts and science through their well-qualified staff and teachers.
  • Summer Camp: Montessori Sacramento preschool also organises summer camps for the students, which includes activities such as group games, art and craft, cooking, indoor games such as board games and slides and other activities

Published on: 18 October 2019

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