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Public Kindergarten or Private Kindergarten Program – Which One to Choose?

Kindergarten is the foundation of education for everyone’s life. It is the only place where kids learn all the education with fun and play. So, kindergarten is a very big step towards future education for the kids. It is equally significant to decide whether you want your kid to private kindergarten or public kindergarten.

Public Kindergarten or Private Kindergarten Program- How they differ?

Public and private school systems differ with each other in various aspects, which every parent must know. Here are some major points that differentiate these two infant care programs.

  • Teachers and Special Attention: Teachers working in public school are required to hold all the state licenses and meet all the criteria to serve the students with special learning methods. However, a private teacher may not require all these, so if you want special guidance and attention to your child, inquire about the private teaching before admitting your child into it. Private Kindergartens have smaller class sizes and lower student to teacher ratios ensuring more care for the students.
  • Values and Characters: Private kindergarten program is designed specifically to focus on specific values, like include honesty, friendship, respect, and integrity. All these included are called as a “character education”. The Private kindergarten program generally demonstrates this by giving some examples also. Unlike the public kindergarten, these schools specifically focus on the moral, civic and behavioral development in addition to the intellectual development and academic learning.
  • Availability of Resources: Generally a private kindergarten program has many classroom resources that mainly focus on the special areas of study such as art, foreign language and music. Public kindergarten schools do not provide these as they are not funded by the tuitions and endowments. Private kindergarten includes the Pre-Kindergarten, which is not included by any public school.
  • Student Strength: Public kindergartens have the advantage of your child to be exposed to a wide range of students from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Nevertheless, many schools exist in homogeneous towns or neighborhoods where the diversity is very low. Several private kindergarten schools make efforts to enroll the students from different backgrounds, including varying socioeconomic levels.
  • Logistics: As parents it is very important to know about the schedule of the kindergarten program. Each public and private kindergarten program vary in the options that offers in the kindergarten schedule which includes full- or half-day options, days of week, and before- or after-school care.

Tuition Fee

The main difference between the public and private kindergarten program is tuition fee. Generally, public kindergarten program is offered free whereas the private kindergarten is a price tag. So, if you are able to afford for the private education then it is best option for the kids starting step as you may get lot of facilities in the list.

So, it is the decision of the parents and make sure to consider the best choice for them and their child. Before taking the decision between public and private kindergarten program, make sure to visit the schools and talk to the teachers and administrators to get a clear view about both the kindergarten programs for your kid.

Based on the above mentioned factors, you need to take a perfect decision for your child as kindergarten is the starting step for your kid’s excellent educational future.

Published on: 6 March 2017

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