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Let's discover the facts that why summer camp is important for toddlers and kids and the role of Folsom lake Montessori school in the summer camp

Summer camps are also enriched by Folsom Lake Montessori School as it has the important
role of offering facilities to help and improve children experience. It is a school where
children receive care and enrichment that is executive Montessori style with activities as
exciting as summer camp. In summer at Folsom Lake Montessori it is important to continue
the process of child’s development intellectually, socially and physically and only this is
effected through the special summer program.

In the case of toddlers and kids, summer camp is highly regarded as it presents a completely
different for learning, growing and having spoofs in different settings other than the
classroom. Camp environment is enshrined at children with freedom where they will be on
their own for most parts of their stay at the camp. This environment also makes them
unique in that they can engage in new activities, experience challenges, and grow
determinants. Organized but unconventional environment like in a summer camp enables
young children to learn valuable lessons that are crucial in life such as decision making,
teamwork and speaking skills.

Conclusively, it can be affirmed that summer camps present enormous social advantage.
Children play with children of different cultures, and this makes them become embracive
with other cultures in the world. Such social contacts assist in the development of regular
friendships and enhanced social abilities since children need to begin learning how to work
together in groups, sharing and negotiating, and overcoming conflicts. Much more, such
experiences are dear for toddlers, as they have not yet been exposed to intervals
socialization and thus, can gain a lot from such interactions.

Another important consideration in summer camps is exercise. In athletic activities such as
swimming, hiking and games, children get to exercise most of the time when they are out of
the home. By engaging in such activities the children do not only remain active but also
acquire certain amount of motor coordination as well as a life long valuable of outdoor

Ample evidence exists in the present work that indicates that the summer camp of the
school is rich and diverse focusing on academic skills, physical and exploration and arts and
crafts. All the activities are planned based on the Montessori approach to the learning
process and the focus on self-development, interest, and passion to learn. All children that
attend Folsom Lake Montessori can be provided with one on one attention by the qualified
staff since different children prefer to learn in different ways.

In addition, the school Is communitarian and socialized as It focuses on the formation of
friends, and several opportunities are created to improve on social skills. Such environment
is safe and appropriate for children, These children can try out new things, potentially fail
and improve more on their self-confidence. A concern and devotion of Folsom Lake
Montessori School to providing effective and engaging summer camp format comes as vital
in nurturing balanced learning process and ensuring that children have a chance to have
great summertime while not in school.

In addition, enrolment to classes not only takes fun part during summer camps but does
contain an educational component as well. For instance, pupils engage in scientific practices
and artistic creations through projects that help them to explore even when they are out of
school. This works to reduce cases of what is often referred as the ‘summer slide’, where the
student is likely to regress some of the gains he/she made during a semester or term.

Thus, one can conclude that camping is an all-around perfect opportunity for a child’s
development. It helps the child to become independent, improves social interaction,
promote physical development, and fosters learning all the time. In their early formative
years, the experiences that children get while at camp permanently shape their lives
enhancing the growth of their little characters.

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