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Why do babies like touch and feel books?

The senses of the babies develop quickly in the starting months. As the children advance in age it becomes necessary for them to get the knowledge of the outside world and gain the basic knowledge about different items. Using all the senses that develop, the babies try to get as much information as possible from the sense of feel, vision, taste, hearing, etc. Hence the babies like to touch, see, taste and hear the things they encounter. Using these methods, it becomes easy to start their education. In such scenarios, the books that squeak, beep, are soft to touch, easy to stroke are the ones that prove out to be quite helpful. These spark the interest of the child in the world around them. These books play a major role in imparting education to the kids in Montessori Academy.

Now the major question arises What are the reasons due to which a child likes to touch and feel books. This article helps you to find out the reasons for the same. Getting to know these reasons will help you to buy the best books for your kids.

These books have bright colors:
In order to raise the interest of the kids, the colors of these books are bright. This helps to attract the attention of the babies and help them to know the world around them. It also encourages them to touch the images and feel the texture of the book. This will help them get a proper idea of the world they are about to encounter.

The images are quite simple:
The images in these books are relatively simple. This, in turn, lets the kids to easily comprehend the message in the books without any extra effort on their part. These images are normally of the day to day objects that will easily help to engage the kids.

The images have different textures of the objects:
One of the amazing things about these books is that different elements of the books have different textures. This helps the kids to have a feel of these elements. This helps the kids to understand some of the words like soft, shiny, cute, hard, etc.

With these amazing benefits for the babies, it becomes necessary to find out the best touch and feel books for the kids. Here are some of the important things that need to be looked in the children’s touch and feel books. Make sure to look at these features into these books.

These must be safe to use:
Safety is the first and foremost factor to choose the touch and feel books. Before choosing a book it is advised to look if it is made from safe materials and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Apart from these, they also must not have any sharp edges.

Must not be bulky:
Kids are tender beings. Hence it must be kept in mind that you do not choose the books that are bulky for your kids.

Easy to wash:
In the hands of the kids, the books may become dirty quite fast. Hence it is advised that you choose those books that can be easily washed.

The touch and feel books turn out to be quite helpful to the kids as it helps them to get an understanding of the world.

Published on: 24 March 2020

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